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一个爆款当时一天都可以出将近100单,突然有一天收到亚马逊安全部门的CASE说这个产品存在安全问题,被安全部门审核把我这个链接下架了,我很纳闷一件服装还存在什么安全问题?? 收到的邮件如下:

Greetings from Amazon.com. It has come to the attention of our Product Safety department that a concern has been lodged regarding a product sold by you. I writing as part of an internal investigation to address our mutual customer concerns regarding that product, and help to bring about a satisfactory resolution for them.

The complaint is regarding XXX and the customer comment is as follows:  My son was given this as a gift. The plastic snaps in the crotch came loose and he choked on one. Please be careful.

Product Safety asks that you please respond to the above concern by taking the following steps:

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Submit all relevant safety testing data and certification for the item. We ask you include testing specifically relating to the incident in question. Please refer to the attached word document of Product Compliance Guidelines  if you have any questions. PLEASE NOTE: An MSDS does not suffice for safety testing.

2. Complete the attached Product Safety Questionnaire. The questionnaire is geared towards addressing the safety concern that the customer has brought up. Please reach out to the manufacturer of the product for the details you might not have.

3. Provide images of the product (front, back, accessories, and packaging). Images should include: model/serial number, safety/compliance marks & logos and safety labels & warnings on the product or packaging. Please also attach a copy of the instruction manual.

Thank you for your swift attention to this matter. We look forward to resolving this to our mutual customer satisfaction.

Please note:

While we investigate, product will remain unavailable for purchase from our website.

If the above documentation request is not completed in entirety within 7 days the case will be closed and the ASIN will remain suppressed.


USCA Product Compliance Guidelines - ISO 17025.pdf

Product Safety Questionnaire.xlsx


Amazon.com Product Safety


好了,既然收到了这个,我们首先就要仔细阅读这封邮件,看下亚马逊具体要求我们提供什么东西,从邮件来看是3样东西: 1, 最重要的安全报告 2,填写安全表格,其实就是POA 3,拍产品图片,要包括型号,logo,商标 或者包装,还有贴上使用手册(我也是醉了,衣服还有使用手册,这点我改成了水洗标)


Hello from Amazon.com.

Upon review, it appears that your documentation is insufficient for this particular product, so we cannot reinstate it. For example, flammability testing is not attached, and the tag on the unit pictured in the report does not appear to have permanent tracking labels.

For your reference, you'll find a helpful guide on children's apparel requirements at the following URL:


Please ensure that any other children's apparel product you list for sale are compliant with all relevant requirements and remove any non-compliant listings.


Amazon.com Product Safety



Hello from Amazon.com.

Thank you for your response and cooperation. Apologies for the delay in response.

Upon review of the testing documentation you have provided, we have decided to reinstate this ASIN. We may revisit this decision should additional incidents occur, and will contact you if we have additional questions.

The detail page should reactivate within 4 to 48 hours. Your offers should reactivate automatically after the detail page comes back up. If for some reason this is not the case, follow these steps:

- Locate the ASIN in 'My Inventory'

- Click on Edit

- Ensure a Quantity and a Price is present.

- Submit Changes

Submitting changes on the 'Merchant Fulfilled' offer should bring the offer out of a blocked status.

FBA offers may require additional manipulation. If you encounter difficulty with an FBA offer, please contact Seller Support for assistance.


Amazon.com Product Safety



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