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Most water heaters consume massive amounts of power, ratcheting up families’ energy bills in the process. The designers at Heatworks are looking to fix that with the MODEL 3 Smart Water Heater. Unlike other heaters, which heat water in a tank using metal components, the MODEL 3 sends electrical current through the water, heating it up quickly and only when residents actually need it. Using a companion app, owners can also track their water usage, set a maximum temperature and even limit shower times, further helping to curtail costs. At $799, the MODEL 3 is more expensive than many other water heaters, but the energy savings may well add up fast: Heatworks estimates that the device will save the average family of four $240 a year. —Justin Worland

      大多数热水器需要消耗大量电能,这个过程增加了家庭的电费支出。来自Heatworks的设计师们试图通过MODEL 3智能热水器解决这个问题。不像其他在金属构成的罐子里把水加热的热水器,MODEL 3在用户真正需要热水时通过水输送电流快速使其升温。使用者可以在公司APP上追踪水的用量,设定最高温度甚至是洗浴时间,从而进一步削减成本。MODEL 3的售价在799美金,比许多热水器要贵,但省下的能源费可能累积迅速:Heatworks公司预计热水器能帮助一般的四口之家每年节省240美元。——贾斯汀.沃兰德