Why Should We Hate Henry Kissinger


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Henry Kissinger is the former National Security Advisor and Secretary of the State of the U.S., who was well known for his role in major historical events such as opening relations with the PRC. Kissinger later was more famous for being a political scientist and consultant working for American government and multinational companies. His works such as Diplomacy, On China and World Order are well recieved in academic world, policy makers and ordinary readers.The prestigeous historian Niall Ferguson in his 2015 book Henry Kissinger, 1923 to 1968: The Idealist hailed Kissinger a misunderstood idealist instead of the long time iconic realist regarded by the public.

After Niall Ferguson’s book published, the Politico Magazine invited top historians and Kissinger experts to evaluate the statesman, his role in history and his legacy. In this article, they gave a comprehensive evaluation of Kissinger , which can faciliate Quorans’ better understanding of the true image of Kissinger.

Unlike his predecessors such as Benjamin Franklin, Colin Powell who practised diplomacy with nobleness and integrity, George Kennan who made foreign policies with the deep insight of human natures originated from enthusiasm and passion on Russian literature and culture, Kissinger is always a refined egoist, representing the dark side of the diplomacy, who successfully changed the once art of nobleness and elegance to a winner-takes-all game full of conspiracy, fraud, deceit, coercion and violence. In 2016 the New Yorker published an article Does Henry Kissinger Have A Conscience? which disclosed Kissinger’s shameful role in various chaoes of Latin America, in addtion to his crimes in Vietnam and Cambodia.Kissinger’s foremost critics Christopher Hitchens, even called for Kissinger’s prosecution “for war crimes, for crimes against humanity, and for offenses against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap, and torture.” In constrast to McNamara, who was a tormented man attempting to come to terms, unsuccessfully, with the immense moral burden of his actions as the U.S. defense secretary during Vietnam, Kissinger is still enjoying the undeserved prestige and respect without any repentance, people with sense of justice and morality have every reason to hate him.